Yuto is DJ,Turntablist & Producer. He was born in a family background where his older brother was Battle DJ, and he had been practicing scratch since he was a junior high school student.
In 2016 he won the Japanese Dmc Dj Battle and won the DMC World Championship in London. In 2017 he toured Asia and played in China and Thailand so far, not to mention Japan. He won the second prize at the Goldie Awards hosted by A-trak in New York that year.
He plays bass music, hiphop & trap and his dj style is doing both mix and performance. He satisfies crowd without sticking too much to scratch, and does not get tired of crowd by tricks such as finger drumming and scratch.
As a producer, he released 2 songs from French label otodayo Records. Also, his own remix work is open to DJCity. As planned for release, he is going to release "Moshi moshi - Poppy (remix) <Mad Decent>", Kumi Koda Remixes <avex>, "Inari feat Riot" <otodayo Records>.